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mission statement


The mission of is to create holistic art that illuminates the dynamic fullness of the human soul. Dazaun Soleyn, artistic director, cultivates a movement playground for artists to create work that investigates new perspectives of the human experience on stage. Through strategically planned conversations and movement explorations, produces work that seamlessly merges the expansion of a human’s physical range of motion with sounds, and overall power that dynamically energizes a space. 


choreographic works     

message of truths

Dancer: Claire Fisher

love me naked

Dancer: Dazaun Soleyn

twenty1 pt. 2

Dancers: Claire Fisher, Suzette Sagisi, Dazaun Soleyn,



Dancers: Claire Fisher and Dazaun Soleyn

what is tru

Dancer: Dazaun Soleyn

belle déesse

Dancer: Natalya Shoaf



Dancers: Sarah Formosa, Dazaun Soleyn, Cecilia Stöckli, Mallory Swanick

urban dreams*

Dancer: Alexeya EM, Kiara Michelle, Dazaun Soleyn

This was the piece that started the dream. My first piece in 2013 at the University of South Floirda.


... the journey trilogy

the journey... part 3

Dancer: Giordan Cruz 

the journey... part 2

Dancer: Dazaun Soleyn


the journey...

Dancer: Claire Fisher

evening length works


music: Christopher Scaver

dancers: Giordan Cruz, Claire Fisher, Suzette Sagisi, Dazaun Soleyn, Natalya Shoaf


Educational Residencies

love is a verb

LINES Ballet Summer Program - Summer 2019


University of San Francisco - Fall 2018


photo credit : Steve Disenhof