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“The former Robert Moses’ Kin dancer has a surfeit of intriguing ideas to play with, including compelling floor work and a fast-slow movement quality that continually catches you off guard.”

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West Wave Dance Festival Review

"Soleyn was both choreographer and performer for ‘the journey,’ a solo lamenting love. He is a powerful presence on stage"

Mr. USF: A Budding Renaissance Man With A Heart Made For Helping

"In the case of University of South Florida (USF) junior Dazaun Soleyn, you get the 2010 Mr. USF, a young man who is praised for his commitment to his university, youth and art. Soleyn, at just 20, displays the extraordinary characteristics of a promising leader who already has mapped out ambitious plans for his own future."

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USF Magazine cover story

"With natural warmth and amiability wrapped in a quick, contagious smile, Dazaun Soleyn has a passion for dance, a penchant for business, and a goal to bring the two together by opening his own performing arts school."



photo credit  (top to bottom) : Steve  Disenhof, Candace Kaw